REV Indoor Cycling

REV Indoor Cycling is a cycling and group fitness studio located in Burlington, Vermont. Their mission is to be more than just an exercise facility, but a strong community dedicated to making exercise accessible and fun.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Creation

The Challange

Redesign and rebuild a digital experience that matches the same energy you get when you enter REVs facility. Inclusivity is ingrained in their brand and it was their goal to ensure that every client was comfortable and familiar with their values before ever taking a class.

The Solution

Bit Wave Labs' creative team was brought in to explore the REV brand and make their website more human. Through our research, we were able to build a fun and effective website that had unique features such as individual trainer schedules and favorite Spotify playlists.

mockup wordpress web design for rev indoor
mockup wordpress web design for rev indoor
mockup wordpress web design for rev indoor
mockup wordpress web design for rev indoor

Digital marketing materials that showcase, well, the fun

Along with the website our team captured photos of REVs new group fitness facility that were used for future digital marketing efforts and website content. Though our goal was to highlight the new facility, we also wanted to emphasize the fun that flows from taking a REV class.

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