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Congleton Service is a full-service Land Rover shop located in northern Vermont. Their team of highly skilled technicians service, restore, and even build classic Land Rovers from the ground up. Yes, we said that correctly, from just a chassis to a fully functioning vehicle, by hand. In addition to their awe-inspiring shop skills, they design and manufacture "obsidian" Land Rover parts that are deemed no longer available (NLA, aka, a classic car enthusiast's worst nightmare).


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mockup of Congleton Service website on computer screen

The Challenge

Having such a wide variety of services and a vast retail part inventory is hard to encompass into one website. Taylor Congleton, the founder of Congleton Service, and his team knew they needed to showcase their world-class Land Rovers, but also provide a seamless and intuitive eCommerce shop. And when we say seamless and intuitive eCommerce shop, we aren't just talking about the customers' experience. The team at Congleton needed a backend that would be scalable, easy to manage, and as solid as their craftsmanship.

mockup of Congleton Service website on laptop

The Solution

Bit Wave Labs used WordPress and Shopify to create two functionally unique websites for Congleton Service. WordPress CMS enabled the brand to showcase their classic Land Rovers and core capabilities, while their eCommerce needs were supported by Shopify. The two sites create a cohesive experience for shoppers and website visitors.

mockup website page for Congleton Service mockup website page for Congleton Service
mockup website page for Congleton Service mockup website page for Congleton Service

Digital marketing materials that speak for themselves

In addition to building two kick-ass websites, Bit Wave Labs also captured photos that would be used for future digital marketing efforts. But who would turn down an opportunity to take photos of stunning classic Land Rovers in the beautiful state of Vermont?

Range Rover Classic parked in front of brick wall
close up shot of front of Range Rover Classic
close up shot of rear of Range Rover Classic