Concept Move

Concept Move is a personal training fitness studio based in Burlington, Vermont. They take a very different approach to fitness, viewing your health as a whole lifestyle change rather than solely focusing on your training sessions.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing

The Challange

Designing and developing a website that would match the essence of the brand. Many training studios in the area had bland websites, which gave our team the perfect opportunity to create something new and bold.

The Solution

Our team designed and developed a modern fitness website that would attract clients of all demographics. Because the website was built using WordPress, this gave the team at Concept full editability of their site.

mockup wordpress web design for concept move
mockup wordpress web design for concept move
mockup wordpress web design for concept move

Stimulating digital marketing materials that inspire clients to move

On top of the website, our team was able to photograph many lifestyle shots that would later be used for web and digital marketing content. During this process, our team was confronted with the hard reality that they are not as flexible as they once were.

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